Girl Power GRL PWR Pink Stamp Baby Infant Toddler Tee Shirt for Boys or Girls

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This infant baby t-shirt features GRL PWR text in bright pink in a stamp design. A cute funny GLR PWR baby shirt that the whole family will love, great for kitty cat fans too! Makes a great gift too! GRL PWR toddler baby shirt is unisex for both boys and girls.

An infant baby t-shirt with softness that is perfect for an infant's sensitive, smooth skin. T-shirt is unisex for both boys and girls. 100% cotton, runs true to size!

Size Chart
6m - 10 inch width, 12.5 inch length
12m - 11 inch width, 13.5 inch length
18m - 12 inch width, 14.5 inch length
24m - 13 inch width, 15.5 inch length  


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